Convent of St. Cecilia, Brooklyn NY

October 22-October 31 2010
Viewing Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm
Special viewing Wednesday 27 October 1-7pm

Curated by Victoria Keddie and Jennifer Zazo


Lost Symbols brings together the work of contemporary artists who investigate, dissect, appropriate, and translate mystic occult ritual, alchemy, mythology, and symbolism. The artists represented have each uniquely contributed their own individual interpretations of the theme through a diversity of mediums and artistic methodologies including, but not limited to: film, painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, performance, and sound-in site-specific installations. Programs include screenings and live performances involving ontology, fantasma, and phatasmagoria. Sound programs reference ritual, phenomenology, and transcendence.

Our aim for the exhibit, is to bring attention to the use of this specific symbolism in contemporary art and semiotics, and to bridge the more subdued pockets of history.

Vandana Jain, Betsy Davis, Sadek Bazaraa, Jessica Findley, Jasmine Pasquill, Francesca Tallone, Bradley Eros, Lary Seven, Kelly Lynn Jones, Collin McKelvey, Todd Brooks, Hank Shedd, Rebecca Gaffney, Judith Hoffman, Kitakiya Dennis, Yashua Klos, Lance Paladino, Sarah Halpern, Think Think Think Why Why Why Collective, Barron Claiborne, Bryan–Abdul Collins, Paul Duncan, Warm Ghost, Kitakiya Dennis, Marisa Aragona, Sarah Kuhn, Jex Thoth and Xtian, H. Honne Wells, Roe Enney, Brian McCarthy, Sarah Malik, Allison Maletz, Tim Geraghty, Tim Hull, Mika Tarkela, Dark Matter, EUC..and more!



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